Unable to login. Forgotton password.



I have a Spanish Paypal Account which is working fine.

I also have a dormant PayPal account in France, this account has not been used since 2019 ? it is long time so not sure exactly.

But on the 9th March a friend of mine sent me a payment via PayPal using the Paypal France account, I logged in but forgot my

password, I entered Forgotton Password, Paypal then ask me 2 security questions which I entered, they then said they want to send

me an SMS to verify the account. Unfortunately the telephone number is a French number which I closed in 2019. So I cannot access my account.

I was told that Paypal france speak english so I tried telephoning them but the automated message is in French with no English Language option.

I cannot contact Paypal France by message or other method because I cannot login.

I have tried Facebook/Paypal but no response.

Can anyone help.

Thank you


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