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How can I as an ebay member access my complete sales and purchase history for the IRS-for my accountant.I need the sales and purchase and fees from the time I started selling on ebay in approximately 2010 until now?I am not even sure if anyone will answer,or knows the answer.I am not sure or remember how to even get back to this page to receive an answer.please someone help an old man, so that my IRS requirements are met.I do not need a knock on my door.From the IRS!!!.I did not know that they even requested this information until I went to my accountant.I started my account in 2000.I started selling and buying in approximately 2010(I think).After looking for an hour-They did give me a total sales amount and amount of sales on one page.That does not give me dates or purchases,or fees-just total sales.Thank you,,marc

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Re: help

From the PayPal end of things you can export your account transaction history - if you need info from the eBay side you may want to check with their community.


Download or export your PayPal Transaction History - What this process does is export your history to a CSV file, you can then use an app like Excel to sort, view, create and print your own reports.  You can create and download a detailed report of all your transaction activity for any time period in the past 3 years.

* Personal Account:

* Login to your account.
* Click "Activity"
* Click on "Statements" (the "Blue" link)
* Click on "Activity export"
* Under "Transaction Type"
* Click "All Transacions"
* Select your Date Range
* Select your "From" and "To" Dates
* Under the Format drop down - Select "CSV"
* Click "Create Report"
* When the report is completed - click "Download"

If you need to go back more than 3 years, for now there appears to be a work around.
* Login to your account.
* Once there, paste the following URL in your browser's address bar:

Note: This should bring up a different screen (actually, this looks like it's from the old interface) and it appears to
be able to go back more than 3 years.  You can also select the fields you want.


* Business Account:

Note: If you have a Business Account, under the menu for "More", there's a Site Map -
look for Transactions, Download Transactions - this will go to the same link as provided above.