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View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)


View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)

I've browsed other topics that ask this question, but all of the solutions offered for them seem to be outdated and no longer work. (Ex: using the history page)


Is it still possible to view transactions older than 3 years? I am trying to recover a license key for a product I purchased through PayPal years ago and need my transaction info to do so. I cannot find the old transaction email, so this is my only hope. I don't remember the specific year the transaction was made in, only that it was made years back and I can't see it in any of the records for the last three years (which is all I seem to be able to view).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)



Try this, works in my country but not sure about yours.


Go to Activity > Click on Statements with the 3 horizontal lines underneath NOT the blue link below > click on Custom the top option > scroll down the left hand side and click on Transactions > click on the last on the right Transaction Finder > select the way you want to search in the search box and scroll down to transaction type and date and fill it all in.

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Re: View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)



When I do this I get the following message "You can create and download a detailed report of all your transaction activity for any period of time in the past 3 years."

Am I missing something?




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Re: View old transaction history (beyond 3 years)

This is a very common question over the years. Beats me why PayPal makes it so difficult to figure out. Fortunately, I discovered it is possible now without going to some weird old version of the site that using a "secret" link. As of 9/4/19, in the US, PayPal says can access statements for the last 7 years. Statement requests before a certain date (It's 2014 right) now trigger a message saying the report may take up to 48 hours to be available.


Here's how:


1. Click on "Activity" on the blue bar at the top of your home page.

2. Click on the 4 bars with "Statements" below it on the upper right of the Activity page.

3. Click on the line that says "Custom" under "Download detailed statements". You'll then get a window labeled "Activity download" with the message of "You can create and download a detailed report of all your transaction activity for any time period in the past 7 years"... 🙂

4. Fill in the blanks with the type of report you want: what kind of transactions, the date range, and type of data you want (e.g. PDF, CSV, etc). Here's where you'll see the message "We may require up to 48 hours to generate the report for date ranges data beyond 2014." Be sure that your date range is saved correctly in the field. It helps to use the calendar that pops up when you click on the "From" or "To" box in the drop down menu under "Date Range". And be sure to click "OK" at the bottom of that drop-down menu when you've selected the dates you want.

5. After selecting the type of report and date range you want, click the blue "Create Report" button. Now, below, under "Activity Reports" your request will be listed as "Submitted" and, unless the report is released immediately, a banner will appear with the message "Your request is being processed. We'll email you when the report is ready to download on this page within 48 hours."

[Full disclosure: I've just submitted my own report requests, and haven't received the actual reports yet. Fingers crossed that this works, or I'll have to come back and eat my words...] Best of luck!