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View Currency

I work for Microsoft via Directly, I am paid in USD but live in Canada.  My paypal balance shows in CAD, but deposits show in USD.  How can I get PayPal to give me deposit statements in my local currency, I doubt my taxman cares what USD was earned.  It's also far to difficult to figure out given the exchange rate constantly fluxuates.  I need this info for tax purposes, it needs to remain accurate.  $100USD today can be completely different from 6 weeks from now.


Re: View Currency

Hi @N00dlesHead,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


In general, payments are received in the currency they have been sent. Then, you can open a balance in CAD and convert your balance to CAD from USD. Unfortunately, payment cannot be displayed in a currency that is different from the currency in which the payment has been sent. 


I hope this helps.