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Type of payment in the Activity


Type of payment in the Activity



I received payments. The payment "Checkout" have credit and debit cards enabled.

In the Activity page I can see the payments and I can check the details but I don't know how to distinguish between payment from PayPal balance and payment done with credit or debit card. 

I want to find out the payments done by cards because I'm worrying about chargebacks.

Also in the Reports it says "web site" or "checkout", how can I know if is "card" or not ?




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Re: Type of payment in the Activity

Unfortunately the info you would like to have is not shared by PayPal if using Payments Standard.   From what I've seen, even if you exported your activity history, if you key in on the "payment_type" field, the only details would be eCheck, Instant or PayPal Funds.   PayPal's Payments Pro works a bit differently where as the customer stays on your web site during the checkout process and credit card info is passed behind the scenes to PayPal for processing.   Meaning you would be able to keep track of credit card transactions however, there's also the PCI responsibility on your end to maintain. 

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