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Taxes , alerts

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Taxes , alerts

Hi! It keeps asking me to enter my tax id as one time someone accidental put in payment for goods - and they had to reverse it as I wasn’t sending or selling them any goods or services on here however now it constantly is asking me for my tax Id

Re: Taxes , alerts



Welcome to the PayPal Community!


I see you have concerns regarding tax information. Due to IRS rules, PayPal must ask users to provide their tax ID number, which is either your Social Security Number, Individual Tax Identification Number or your Employer Identification Number. PayPal will use your tax ID number to send tax forms to you and the IRS when the payments you receive exceed the payment threshold. If you are not selling items or providing services, you may still hit that threshold by receiving money into the account. I highly suggest adding your tax ID or SSN to your account, so it does not limit any actions for you down the road. 


I hope this information was helpful! Thank you.


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