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Search for transactions button not working

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The search for transaction drop down menu isn't performing, it seems broken. 


I try to choose transaction ID, or email or Last name and nothing happens.  The page doesn't redraw and nothing on my PP page changes.   The only way I am able to find a transaction now is to use the date sort and put in the days closest to the transaction and then search thru the names.  


Tried in Chrome and Mozilla same results.  Search function seems to not be working.


Search for transactions button not working


Same here. Not sure what's the benefits of assigning a unique ID to the button now?

It seems the only workaround is to use gmail. Just assign very unique id to the button (like ASDJKABS432342AS###22). Then you can search that ID in email. That's what I do.

I do hope Paypal will enable the feature to search via the unique ID assigned to the button. 

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