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I sent money to someone to buy something off Facebook but he ended up scamming me. Taking the money and ran. I never received my items. Is there a way I can get my money back even though it was sent through the friends and family category?

Re: Scammed

i having same problem i bought an item for $70 10 days have past and noticed some-rt is not right with the seller.i then starting asking for a refund which is very hard too get from the seller and try saying the item is on its way soon i receive Tracking information because trusting the this so called supplier and my item was going too be on its way i cancelled my claim trusting the scammer,,after cancelling  my claim thinking my item was going to be on the way i receive an email,,saying we cancelled your item,,,with no refund receipt or refund information and now this scammer is not answering my emails,,,and also it does not help when pay pal does not answer you also i tried contacting pay pal over the phone cant get threw tried there message center i cant get threw and there claim rubbish is stupid when being scammed  and all it takes is to be able to be speck with an adviser from pay pal too get my claim on the go and get money back from this scammer 

and now pay pal are in favour of the scammer