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On April 21st someone sent me $81.50 through Paypal goods and services which was supposed to transfer to my account upon confirming that they received my package but they have deleted all ways of contacting me. What do I do?

PayPal Employee

Re: Scam

Hi @traceyusvi 

Thank you for reaching out to the PayPal Community Forums!


When a buyer sends a payment to you which shows Completed, this buyer will not have an option to cancel the payment on their side. There is no button for them to do that. What is important is that you sent them the correct item that they paid for and that it was shipped to the correct shipping address.


Just to clarify, a buyer CAN file a dispute which will put the transaction on hold while undergoing investigation. This does not mean that PayPal will give them the money back right away. If the buyer goes this route, PayPal gives an opportunity to you as the seller to prove the buyer wrong.


You can learn more from here.


Here is a link to the Seller Protection that PayPal offers which is indicated in the User Agreement.


Hope this helps!

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