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PayPal Mastercard statement download "Something went wrong"

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I have a PayPal Mastercard and got an email saying that my statement is ready to view. When I click on Download, I consistently get an error message "Something went wrong". Help for this problem on the site is nonexistent, so I'm reaching out to see if anyone else has had this problem and if there is a resolution. Thank you!


PayPal Mastercard statement download "Something went wrong"


I opened my PayPal Cashback World Mastercard in August.
The statements/2022-09-14 was downloadable for me (kept working fine between Sept 18th and Oct 21st).
The statements/2022-10-14 resulted in "Something went wrong" page (tried 5 browsers on Oct 21st, at same time the September link kept working fine).
The statements/2022-11-14 resulted in "Something went wrong" page, and as of today (Nov 18th) the September link stopped working too - so none of 3 statements work anymore 😞 called support line (it connects to synchrony bank - NOT to paypal/portal team) and they said they'll leave a note to portal devs... But given it impacts everyone for at least 5 weeks with no resolution/rollback of their backend - unlikely for PayPal&SynchronyBank to fix it till 2023...

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