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PayPal Account Statements Wrong


PayPal Account Statements Wrong

The PayPal Monthly Account statements since November 2016 have an error that have been trying to get corrected. The Balance Summary (beginning and ending balance) has shown incorrect information from a purchase transaction that occurred in November, 2016.  


I have been mailing monthly since  May 2017 to: PayPal
Attn: Error Resolution Department
Omaha, NE 68145-0950


I have not gotten any response from them.


Calling PayPal customer service has been no been helpful, I have been told: “PayPal does not have  Monthly Account Statements” (obviously this is wrong), or I should correct  “my”  Account Statement (again obviously this is wrong) as I did not make the statement


Customer Service today told me all statements under Activity, Statements, Account Statements PDF are wrong, the only way to get a correct statement is to request Activity Export.


They have no idea who in PayPal where the the Monthly Statement is produce or how to correct it.


One response: Let me give you a better number to call, to get you directly to our Product and Site Support team here in Omaha:

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Re: PayPal Account Statements Wrong

I, too, have found customer service remarkably uninformed about PayPal statements. I transferred my money from PayPal to my bank on May 1, 2019 using the option provided to "transfer the balance."  My May statement on the PayPal site shows that I actually had more money in the account than the amount transferred, yet my PayPal summary shows zero dollars. Customer Service says they can't go by the statements (which they act like they have never heard of) but have to go by the activity, which doesn't show a running total and going back as far as Jan. 1 doesn't agree with the statement balances shown. I admit I haven't been checking their statements before this, so I don't know how far back the problem started.  But don't trust them to keep track of your money because, as they admit, they are not a bank and apparently do not have accurate bookkeeping procedures like a bank.