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Pay in 4 texts, I never signed up

New Community Member
Posted on
I keep getting pay in 4 texts but never signed up for that. I also cant see most of my history in pay pal.

Pay in 4 texts, I never signed up


Hello @Omfg80,


Thank you for joining our community help forum!


I can see how receiving that message would be concerning to you. If you receive any message about activity on a PayPal account, the safest way to confirm the message's validity is to log in to a PayPal account via the PayPal website and any of the activity reported in the message will be available to view. Please forward any suspicious emails/messages to and view this web page for more information on phishing texts and emails.


Please try clearing cache/cookies and also try using a different browser or device to review your history in PayPal. If the issue persists, please reach out to our team through the available contact options on our website.


I hope this information helps!



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