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IRS Double Accounting

New Community Member

IRS Double Accounting

Can anyone help me as IRS sent me a letter back in 2015 sales volume $27,163 and change me a Tac of $7701.00 + penalty comes out to 10,000+

But all the transfer is made the same year to the capaital one account and have a EIN number which I file taxes on the same year for 103K.

Therefore this amount is already account for and they still charge my tax.  However, I went to paypal they just seems like never detail out the withdrawal just show the word General withdrawal $10,000 and 17,000 on one occassion

Can Paypal get the details of this transaction.  Anyway the company bank that link to this transaction is still hanging in my paypal but I cannot access that company bank now.

What should I do to let IRS know that this amount of $27000 sales generated in 2015 has been accounted for in the Business tax return for that year and it is a double accounting to charge me personally.

Thanks and appreciate some solution to this.