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How to get an activity statement in PDF format of a closed account ?!

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Hello , i have a friend who had a PayPal account , but he decide to close it . He used his PayPal account to deposit in Betting sites and now one of the betting sites request an activity statement of his PayPal accounts (They want to check where money come from and that he is the real account holder ) He contact the support of PayPal around 10 times on phone , each phone call was 30 minutes and still the support was unable to send him his own activity statement in PDF format . Bet365 request that to release his blocked funds . What he can do about to solve the case and receive a pdf statement of his closed account ?


How to get an activity statement in PDF format of a closed account ?!


Hello @venci12345,


Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum! Thank you for the I can certainly understand the importance of having access to account statements. If the PayPal account is closed, the reporting options available are limited. However, a Customer Service teammate may be able to create the report required. If the PDF is not available, our Customer Service team may be able to advise of additional options. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 


Thank you again for reaching out on the PayPal Community Forum, I hope the information provided is able to assist with your concerns.

- Alessandra

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