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How to get a 1099-k corrected?


How to get a 1099-k corrected?

I formed an LLC in February and was issued a new EIN for this LLC. I attempted to update my ein from my account info but it never would actually change the info. I spoke with customer service back then and they supposedly changed the info for me. In December I noticed that it still had my old business ein so I sent a message to try and make sure they had the correct info. Fast forward and my 1099k still lists my name and my old business ein instead of my LLC and that ein. No one answers phone calls, no one has responded to my message through there system ( its been over 60 days of waiting ). Paypal sucks


Re: How to get a 1099-k corrected?

Try calling and saying you have an account limitation only way you will get someone on the phone and try to get transferred to compliance department to submit a ticket with the tax operations team. Good luck, i have the same issue.


Or try contacting @ASKpaypal on twitter. They take a while to respond but they can open a ticket for you, ask for a specialist.