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How to export purchases only

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Looking to find a way to export purchases form the PayPal amount/debit card only.


How to export purchases only

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Report > Activity Download

Select Transaction type, date range, customize report fields, and report format.


For Transaction Type, select "All Transactions" and then customize the report fields for the data you want to see for each transaction. Choose the fields that you believe might be help to you do a sort when you export as csv and opening it up in a spreadsheet app and find Payments you're looking for. For example, the default field "Fee", because Payments you send as purchases does not charge you a fee so if you sort by fee column, examine those transactions that have no fee to see if they are for the debit card.


Otherwise, there is no set formula to downloading just the PayPal amount/debit card only transactions. 


Just have to download everything by date range (do each report by month or year so the files won't be too huge for PayPal system to create and organized by those date parameters), select all the relevant fields and examine the data and once you find a transaction that is for amount/debit card, you sort by the column that might distinguish these transactions from the rest and copy/paste them off to a separate spreadsheet for analyzing.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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