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Harrassed by eBay seller


Harrassed by eBay seller

I left negative feeedback for a seller and he didn't like it (of course). He sent a request to change it and I refused (sent profane and belligerent messages). Now he is using my phone number to solicit robocalls from about 5 different states, and my residential address to bombard me with junk mail from all kinds of websites that send magazines, brochures, teacher books, cleaning supply catalogues, national geographic scenic catalogues, cruise brochures, gun magazines, etc., from all over the country. My porch was filled the first day, and about 5 more arrive every day. It's only been 2 days and I have received about 30 of these things already. I know that this is illegal and falls under the federal stalking laws, but... seriously.

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Re: Harrassed by eBay seller



Report him to Ebay and Paypal as he is using info gained on those sites to harrass you.

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