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Trying to get my taxes done. When you click on Activity there is no "Statements" section at all to generate a report! Even the last time I was able to generate a report, I received an email that said "Click Here" for your report but i was taken to a generic Paypal page and the report was nowhere to be found! This all used to be so simple. What a terrible time to mess things up - tax time!


Can anyone help?

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This is marked as solved, but none of the "solutions" in the comments work or already outdated due to changed GUI etc.

What you REALLY have to do is this:


1. Log in to PayPal of course

2. Go to Activity -> All Reports in top menu
3. Choose "Activity Download" in left menu

4. Choose in dropdown menu "Transaction Type" -> "Balance Affecting"

5. Click underneath that dropdown menu "Customize Report Fields"

6. Check the checkbox in the list next to "Transaction Details"

7. Click the down arrow next to "Transaction Details" to open dropdown menu

8. Check the checkbox next to "Balance" and "Balance Impact"
9. Click "Save"

10. Select Date Range

11. Select CSV (other formats will NOT show what you are looking for even if you did all the above)

I hope this helps.

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I followed Hunnenkoenig, and could get balance.

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Online and App pay systems are horrendous... Paypal is no different! I was trying to find out if I could simply get the last 30 days of "current activity" specifically by querying some field... In the app, I select activity... and then attempt to search by the comment section.. People often tell me they would like something that I make and I tell them to use paypal... I give them my qr code and they send me a few bucks to pay for the effort... I have them put in the comments what it was for, but I can't get a report sorted by comment... this seemingly simple task eludes paypay interface and api...

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Didn't have any luck with those solutions.

Here's another way:


1) Settings/Account

2) Data + Privacy

3) Under Manage your data > Download your data

4) Submit a request to download a copy of your transaction history

5) Confirm on mobile/app

6) Now you should be able to create a custom statement


Good Luck!

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