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Can PayPal download to Quickbooks Self Employed?


Can PayPal download to Quickbooks Self Employed?

I need to complete my 2018 taxes and I am now using QB Self Employed. What's the best way to get the PayPal info into the right QB program?


Re: Can PayPal download to Quickbooks Self Employed?

While QuickBooks offers its own PayPal integration, it is very flawed and gave me a lot of headaches while trying to file a report on expenses (specifically the fees I paid to PayPal) and manage refunds.

I suggest using third-party QuickBooks partners with good reviews that you can find on QuickBooks appstore (Something like Business Payments) which is built with SMBs in mind because it separates the fees very well, allows you to keep individual product/customer/vendor info (if you need it), and it processes refunds properly (it doesn't count PayPal fee as an expense in that case, because you receive it back).

If you receive payments in multiple currencies it will also work as opposed to QuickBooks own option which doesn't deal with multicurrency at all. 

Good luck!