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Activity Reports are not working


Activity Reports are not working

The Activity Reports are no longer working properly. I have had a asked for a report that has not become available in over a month. 


I requested a pdf report yesterday that didn't show an available download until this morning. When I try to download the process starts, but just spins and spins until my browser times out. I have tried this with older reports that I have previously downloaded as well... No reports can be downloaded.


This problem occurs whether I use Firefox or Chrome (Windows). I have cleared caches, logged out and back in, etc.


Also, this may be related. When I try to set a custom date range, I can set the beginning date, but when I select the ending date, the date is highlighted, but nothing happens.


I need to be able to access my Activity Reports


Re: Activity Reports are not working

They're still not working !

Monthly Reporting generates this message:

"Statements are automatically generated in PDF by the th of each month. You can also request a PDF or CSV version any time after the nd of the month.

Sorry, we're unable to process your request right now. Please try again later."
Yup, that's a typo is message field.
Numerous calls to support (twitter, email, and phone) have gone unanswered or staff proved clueless on how to resolve the issue.

Re: Activity Reports are not working

They still aren't working!

I'm running IE-11 browser with all the latest updates and not encountering any other issues with the PayPal website.  However, the folks programming the "Reports" section certainly need some help.