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1099 Questions


1099 Questions

- Do refunds from retailers count as earned income on the 1099?


- When I'm reimbursed for a voided shipping label does that count as earned income on the 1099?


- When I buy things on eBay with a site-wide coupon, the breakdown in my PayPal report shows:

     - General Credit Card Deposit, this is the portion I funded

     - General Incentive Certificate Redemption, this is the portion eBay funded


     These are an increase to my balance, which is reduced in the next line item with the purchase details. Do these "deposits" from my credit card and the eBay discount qualify as earned income on the 1099 form?


I used my PayPal account a lot this year to make purchases so the amount, if counted on the 1099, would be significant compared to years past where it was too negligible of a difference to even care. I have a personal PayPal account based in the US.


Thanks in advance for any help!


Re: 1099 Questions




Tagging a couple of responders from this forum, hoping to get some help. Thanks!