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1099-K REMEMBER!!!!!!


1099-K REMEMBER!!!!!!

Remember, your 1099-K has the GROSS amount for ANY payment that you received. Run an annual report to show the refunds, fees, shipping and foreign currency conversion fees. We had over 10% refunds for 2017 and 2018. We were surprised, but actual refunds for returns, shipping charge adjustments and foreign currency conversion fees really added up.  For just one sale, the buyer had to pay three times before a good shipping address showed up with the payment. Not only did $8000 dollars of refunded payments show up on the 1099-K but think of the non-refunded transaction fees if this had happened after NOV 1, 2019?  paypal is not your friend, period. 

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Re: 1099-K REMEMBER!!!!!!

So wondering what to do about the gross 1099-K not including amount for refunds, etc.  How is the gross number adjusted?  Or is it just reported the way it is on the tax form?  I have the amount of refunds, just not sure how to get the gross number to match up for tax purposes.  THX.