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reading the paypal statement for tax info

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reading the paypal statement for tax info

Please help.  Will some one explain to me which colossus to add and which terms to single out to find my real gross and net.  My statement has words like temporary refund, completed, payment, eBay payment..Chic columns do I use and how do I choose the proper terms papal assigned transactions to find my real income?


Is there a worksheet anywhere that defines paypals definitions of transactions?


Yes, I'm not an accountant and I am just small time, however, this statement should be just a little more intuitive.  If some one defined the terms, there is probably and account of what those definitions are somewhere..Isn't there?

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Re: reading the paypal statement for tax info

Hello danaccarr,


Welcome to the Boards!


In order to discuss the Reports more in detail it may be a little easier to go over if you call PayPal directly. There are several different reports and I will agree they can be confusing to read and know what to add or subtract to find the correct total. 


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