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Why am I limited to one-day-at-a-time All Data CSV History Download Requests?

Each day I download a CSV of All Transactions for the prior day and use MS Access to organize and filter the data for accounting analysis.  This works fine; however, recently I missed several days at the office and fell behind on my daily routine.  When I prepared for my next download, I used the 3 day range which included the missed days.  This seemed to process normally until I clicked the "Open" button of the dialog box.  The box closed, but no file openned.  I thought I may have failed to give the process enough time but I tried other date ranges and waited well after the download-ready status was indicated by the radio button menu and always - on any range greater than 1 day - no file was present to open.  However, I got a good file whenever requesting merely a single day.

I'm running in IE8 in Vista Home.  In the past I'm sure I've downloaded entire quarters of data and obtained my data (many hundreds of transactions) after some hours.  Is it my browser settings or site preferences?

This problem is occuring when I attempt the download at my home office.  At the warehouse, where we run XP Pro, I can successfully request any range. 

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Re: Why am I limited to one-day-at-a-time All Data CSV History Download Requests?

Hi Greg-


I'd suggest setting up a technical ticket for this.  You can do that from the Support link at




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