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Refunding and balance issues

New Community Member

Refunding and balance issues

I have an issue with the Merchant Services. I have enabled the daily deposit feature which (I thought) does a daily deposit of that days "batch". But apparently what it does is just send what ever balance is in your PayPal account to your bank. The system is not able to differentiate the daily batch.

So what happens is I have no balance in my account. So if I need to do a refund for a customer, Paypal sends a request for funds to my bamnk, then the money is transfered from my bank to paypal, then the refund is done. The last one I did took seven days to process. This is not acceptable for a merchant account. And not for our customers!

So when I called and asked about keeping a minimum balance in my paypal account they said that this was not possible. WHAT! are you kidding me! The suggestion made was if I want to do a refund to open another paypal account and move money from that account. Ummm are we gonna play with the big dogs or not.

You guys need a solution. In the meantime I guess the best solution is for your customers to figure it out for you. So what say my fellow paypalists, any ideas?


Thank you for your time and letting me rant!!!