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The Pandemic, PayPal's Response, and Why I Need Real Assistance!

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Getting into contact with PayPal has been a nightmare. I have tried calling, and their Care Center is closed. I have tried messaging, and I have not received any sort of response. I understand that there is a Worldwide State of Emergency, but PayPal offers an Essential Service! for consumers, businesses, and sellers alike. Companies that offer Essential Services have all found a way to safely continue operations. PayPal has failed on multiple levels to do so. Transitioning to a Work from Home platform is not easy for any Customer Service company, but it is possible. I work for a Customer Service company that provides utility services to over 4 million people, and we have successfully transitioned to working from home. We understand that our customers need us and depend on our personal attention. I understand utilities are more essential services than the services that PayPal offers, but with the harsh economic downfall that the world is currently suffering, PayPal is an essential service that millions of individuals worldwide depend on. PayPal should have done better, and needs to do better! 


I am trying to get a serious matter settled that has left me with the ability to only receive funds. I cannot complete any other transactions with the current limitations that have been placed on my PayPal account. I filed a claim with my bank, and the resolution was in my favor. As a result, a PayPal payment was sent back, and now PayPal has placed limitations and is asking me to reset my account. First of all, I was forced to change my password a few weeks ago, and I would have disputed this if PayPal were easier to contact; I do NOT want to reset my password again because there is no need to do so. In addition, my PayPal funds were used to cover the charge that was disputed and sent back by my bank. If my banking institution deemed the transaction as unauthorized and the resolution was in my favor, PayPal does not have the right to use my PayPal funds to cover the charge. The charge should have been sent back to the company who fraudulently charged me recurrently for the past several months. Lastly, I am very dissatisfied with the service that PayPal is currently providing, and judging from the comments I have seen lately, so are many other PayPal customers. With every transaction we pay PayPal a fee that is supposed to cover administrative costs, yet we are not receiving the administrative assistance needed to resolve our concerns in a timely, efficient, and correct manner. 


Quite honestly, I am very ready to contact the Federal Trade Commission regarding the way PayPal has handled the Pandemic. PayPal's response has been lackluster and completely ineffective. Like I said, more than ever, millions of individuals are depending on PayPal's services to conduct online businesses from home and make extra money to combat the economic crisis we are currently in. PayPal is failing their customers. I hope that this message will reach the right people, so that a resolution can be provided. 


The Pandemic, PayPal's Response, and Why I Need Real Assistance!

My only income is my inline etsy shop. On my 666th sale PayPal took it upon itself to restrict my account. I can do nothing. Nobody can order on my shop and I can't transfer funds to my bank to ship orders or feed myself. I called customer service based abroad. Closed. I have emaild proof of address and bank statement 6 times and nobody has bothered to reply. If I cant transfer funds to Pay My Etsy Shop Fee my 6 year old shop will be closed and I have no other income at all.

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