How can I have PayPal send me monthly notices about my account?

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I recently received a PayPal email with a link to my account. This is the first time I have received such a message in all the years I have been a PayPal customer. Since receiving such a statement earlier would have let me correct an error before it became a major problem, how can I set my account to send me account statements monthly?

Also, what triggered this email about my May statement?

Thank you.

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Hello @rg1911 


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I can see how receiving that email would be concerning to you! If you are dubious about the email's validity, please forward it to and PayPal will investigate this for you. You can also refer to this webpage for more information on spotting a fake, fraudulent, or phishing PayPal email or website.


Here's the article that helps you with the steps to view and download statements : How do I view and download statements and reports?


You can also update your preferences to receive notifications from PayPal and here's how : How do I update my email notification preferences?

Feel free to reach PayPal Support team for any additional assistance.


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