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refund on digital goods

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refund on digital goods

hi i wanted to know the policy on refunding on digital goods

i have spent nearly 3000 usd on game currency on an online game at game321 for their game pockie ninja however due to the 

wrong products given and lack of customer support for the game currency; missing game currency etc


a few people have written on their forums of charging their money back

however my problem is that

as soon as u refund via paypal they ban your account

and if my refund is not looked upon favourably as there are several - 30 odd transactions ranging from 50-300 usd

that i will lose my 3000 usd completely in terms of a game account or my actual money

so wanted to know as plenty of people are disputing this company already; what is the policy and what is the chance of getting my money back




Re: refund on digital goods

I'm actually wondering on the same, how does it work



Re: refund on digital goods

Hey there guys,


Welcome to the community to you both.


When it comes to digital goods, there isn’t any buyer or seller protection on them. This is the same for any virtual item purchased. Due to this you won’t be able to open a case though the PayPal system.


If this seller is issuing you a refund I don't see why the PayPal account would be stopped or limited. If you do file a number of chargebacks with your card company it may cause a limitation where more information on this can be requested. But you would be provided with steps on what you need to do to resolve this.


Let us know what happens with this as it may be something that other members are experiencing. 


Re: refund on digital goods

I think Paypal are disgusting


I paid $134 dollars for a video chatroom from for my wordpress website.


Pro Chatrooms ignored me for days i sent email after emails giving them the install details.


Eventually i start a paypal claim. They reply and ESCALATE It so i cant reply.


I send paypal an email stating why i havent got a working chatroom, and how i was ignored and how i have bought another chatroom. And that i havent got the goods i paid for as prochartooms have to licence it so i havent got a product ive paid for,



Paypal closed the case in prochatrooms favour... THANKS A LOT


$134 lost and stolen and Paypal helped the company **bleep** me over.


There is now recourse in cases like this for the buyer.


So all you can do is take paypal and the seller to court.


Its disgusting, I clearly have no product and i clearly have paid. HOW IS THAT FAIR ON ME TO CLOSE THE CASE AND LET THEM KEEP MY MONEY?


I want a refund paypal and you need to reed this and reverse the payment.


Especially when you read online reviews for where many people claim they have been messed aroudn or scammed.


I also have a verified paypal and 200 ebay purchases at 100% feedback.


Sometimes i wonder why i bother, this is fair is it? Paypal?



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Re: refund on digital goods

Well as buyer protection only covers you for items sent in the post and not digital / virtual items then i am not sure what you expected??


You are welcome to use paypal for services / intangible items but it is at your own risk.

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Re: refund on digital goods


I bought a digital delivered game and was sent the key.  The key (although valid) did not work because the xbox game required a UK based live account.  The seller did not specify this in his T&C.  I confirmed with Microsoft and communicated with the seller and sent him the Microsoft case number to confirm that I was telling the truth.My account is based in Malta, and I can't migrate it to a UK account as it will effect my work.    Eventually I opened an EBAY dispute for a refund. The seller wants me to close the Ebay dispute to refund me.  He said I will loose the case anyway as its a digital good.  He asked me to open a paypal case for my guarantee.  Below is his reply:



Hi, OK we have another buyer for this item. I also had an idea. If you close the case in eBay and open a Paypal case, we can issue a refund that way. That way you get to keep a case against us, only it is one we will accept immediately, as we will not get a defect hit. We will lose the eBay fees, but we are willing to take the financial hit."

What should I do as I was never in such a situation.  I did not use the key of the product.


Thank you for your time


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Re: refund on digital goods



NEVER close a case until you have your refund.

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