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Subject Access Request - has anyone been successful in obtaining one!

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This is my first post and am looking for some advice please.  I have had a dispute with a buyer that started in January and it quickly became evident that some emails were not being received by me (only realised by checking status of dispute on paypal website).  I formally requested these missing emails by fax and email and my requests have been ignored.  I was advised by a representative last week to email a subject access request that would be passed to Executive Escalations (or something similar).    This came back with a generic reply that I had sent the email to the wrong address and make contact through Paypal.  I then emailed again and also sent another request by fax and have received a response that I find odd "An attorney or law enforcements officer must submit a legal subpoena to request information about a customers Paypal account."  I am only wanting the missing emails addressed to me so that my solicitor can deal with it.  Would I be wise to contact the Ombudsman now.  I am going round in circles.


Thank you.


Subject Access Request - has anyone been successful in obtaining one!

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Am trying to get mine and having no joys cant believe the service i have recieved numerous failed manager call backs joke of a company! 

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