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Please Help! Money taken!!

New Community Member

Please Help! Money taken!!

Hopefully someone can help me!!


Tonight i have had two payments taken from my account! totalling over £100! I have filed disputes with paypal, as i have no idea what these are for/who they were made to & certainly didnt authorise them! I have googled the names mentioned on the payment details & everything leads to hacking/scams!


I have changed my details etc however not sure if there is anything else i should do?


I also noted that paypal said it can take up to 10 days to deal with my request! Does anyone have any idea what the chances of getting the money back are? As £100 is quite a lot to me & my business!


Someone please help! Im very worried about this!

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Re: Please Help! Money taken!!

You should be covered for unauthorised use.


If you want to speak to paypal go to contact us bottom of paypal pages > put in account problems and phone number you are given.


When you get through do not say or select any options just hang on till you get passed to an agent.



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Re: Please Help! Money taken!!

NEVER EVER use paypal mate, they do not care. They just want money, you have NO protection whatsoever


i bought an item and it did not arrive, but because the seller said he posted it, paypal refuse a refund