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Pending Status!

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Pending Status!



I bought the jacket and from Ralph Lauren and I canceled it. 


It has been almost 3 weeks and my status is still pending.


How can I get rid of this status? Ralph Lauren said they canceled it, but I don't know why my status hasn't changed at all!


Will it automatically cancel if it exists more than a month?


Also, I ordered something else, and it said my mailing address is not confirmed. Does that mean it's not going to ship until I


confirm the address? How do you confirm your address?


Please help me!

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Re: Pending Status!

Hi - did your Pending status change and did you get the money back after all? I've got the same problem and it's been about a week for a big big sum Smiley Sad




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Re: Pending Status!

same problem here, how do i fix?