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Notification of Balance Transfer -49.99 Eur

New Community Member

Notification of Balance Transfer -49.99 Eur

So earlier today i recieved a message from paypal saying Notification of Balance Transfer.

PayPal has made a transfer between the balances in your account due to the following reason:

The following transfers were made

Negatief saldo: -49,99 EUR Gedekt uit: $55,66 USD (1 Amerikaanse dollars = 0.898194 euro's)

And then later on i came home to check what it was about logged in to my paypal and it says -49.99 eur

so what now? did i just loose 50 euro To nothing ?

How can i get this money back


Re: Notification of Balance Transfer -49.99 Eur

Hi ARtem,
Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.
So sorry to hear this. Are you still experiencing issues? 
Please reach out to the specialist team via email, phone or through Twitter @AskPayPal or via Private Message on our Facebook page at They'll be happy to run through this with you in detail and get to the bottom of the issue.