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Help refund isuses !!! ebay and paypal

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i sold an item on ebay and described it down to every fault and had a rude lying buyer today demand for a refund!
and going by ebay i can't not accept the refund so i check my paypal and its on hold the payment,
so the buyer has tried to getting the money from me through paypal as well as ebay
i have now accepted a refund on ebay as i know with seller i will get a neg even as i am being honest that money is to pay my rent.
it sold for peanuts. £10 but the point is what can i do because i feel i am being scammed here Ebay and paypal taken sellers side when the item is as decribed

if you can tell i am new to paypal any help would be greatful

what can i do the item was decribed correctly its tested as silver 925 and she is claiming its fake i read on here this How do I get documents to prove an item is counterfeit?


If you opened a claim because you think you’ve received a counterfeit item, we’ll need documentation from a qualified source to support your claim.

We advise taking the item to an unbiased third-party, such as a dealer, appraiser or another individual or organisation that is qualified in the area of the item. They will be able to provide a brief written assessment of the item and a statement to clarify why, in their expert opinion, they believe the item is not genuine.

The document should include a description of the item (with serial number if applicable) and should be on letterhead paper that includes the name, signature, address and phone number of that individual, business or organisation.


Help refund isuses !!! ebay and paypal

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In the event of an item received but not as described its very difficult for paypal as they can't see the item.


So generally they find in favour of the buyer BUT the buyer has to send the item back to the seller at their own expense.


The buyer did not file x2 disputes, they can't do that, but when they file an ebay dispute the paypal payment is always put on hold if there are funds in the sellers paypal balance.


Personally i just tell any buyers that are not happy to return for a refund.

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