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Enquiry about buyer's protection

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Enquiry about buyer's protection

I made an offer for an item on sale on eBay and the seller accepted but contacted me outside eBay to make the sale. I know that sounds like a gullible thing to do but I had bought items previously from the seller and it is because of that that the seller accepted my offer. I had no reason to be suspiscious about the whole transaction.

The seller sent the item by first class but 2 weeks later I still haven't received it. I contacted the seller and he confirmed that it had been sent the next day to the right address and that the matter was Royal Mail's fault not his. Unfortunately there is no way to track the item with Royal Mail as it was not sent as a recorded delivery.

Since I paid for an item but never received it, as a buyer do I still have a right to dispute payment and claim for at least a partial refund?

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Re: Enquiry about buyer's protection



Depends how you sent the payment.


If you paid with >>


1. Invoice

2. Money request

3. Send money > goods / services


Then you have buyer protection and can file a dispute for non receipt of item via the ''resolve a problem'' link lower left of your paypal summary page.

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