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Confusion over two refunds from seller, one echeque one instant payment

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Hey 🙂


I'm a little confused. Purchased some used headphones off ebay and seller sent the wrong ones so I sent them back and decided to get a refund and purchase some new headphones instead from a better seller.


The seller kindly agreed the refund and sent it this morning but it's via something called an echeque (which I'd never heard of before today) and won't be available for another week, they also refunded my costs for having to send the wrong ones back but that was via instant payment, it was in my PayPal account very quickly and also quickly transferred to my bank.


So my confusion is why was an echeque issued rather then a simple instant payment? The seller obviously can do instant payments. Cat Frustrated




Confusion over two refunds from seller, one echeque one instant payment


Hi Astronamy,


Welcome to the Community Forum! As you've mentioned in your email, it does sound like the seller has sent the two payments to you via different methods in this case. This is why you received one payment to your bank immediately, and one is still pending, because it's an eCheque. Ultimately, it's the payment sender's decision as to what method they use to send a payment to you.


You can view the expected clearing date of your eCheque by clicking on the 'Details' link next to the transaction in your ‘History’. If you have any further concerns, I'd recommend contacting the seller directly.




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