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Chargeback received, please help!

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Here's what happened:

I sold an item on ebay, on behalf of a friend, for £220, and sent it off on First Class Recorded Delivery a couple of days later. I never heard from the buyer after that, so assumed all was well. Today was the first time since the 1st March that I had logged into Paypal, only to discover that the buyer had filed a dispute under Unauthorised Payment at the end of March. Obviously it's been well over 10 days for me to provide any proof of postage (I still have the receipt for the Recorded Delivery). What can I do?? I have emailed the buyer today, no reply as of yet...
I just can't understand why they never emailed me, or even sent a message on ebay to tell me they had a problem!
I'm sure this is classed as theft, as they still have the item that they bought off me.


I would appreciate any advice, I've never been in this situation before.



Chargeback received, please help!


sadly experience as showed me not all people are as they seem. Keep al you postage proof, any item of that value you should have signed for.

now you will have to prove you are innocent not guilty as this seem to bethe paypal way.

they have the rights you have to sit back answer all there questions and jump through hoops. Then if your found innocent will you get an appology, any compensation for wasting all your time and stress caused no you will know happily paypal have charged for this service and got paid for it.

best of luck hope this works out for you

Chargeback received, please help!


 Hey there lys_ette,


I can understand your frustration in relation to this chargeback.


The buyer may not have emailed you because they went to their card company and reported it; they didn't come to PayPal or eBay either.


With chargebacks they are worked by the card company and the card company has the last word in the outcome of the case.


PayPal do offer seller protection for cases like this but you have to make sure you are eligible for it. For example if the item is only £150.00 GBP you will need a signature as stavrosky says.


If PayPal has enough information they can dispute it with the card company, but again it is on the card companies timeframes and therefore can take up to 75 days for this to be reviewed.

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