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Chargeback. Please help.

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I recently sold 7 items on eBay to the same buyer. They were season pass codes for an xbox game called the division. I purchased the codes from and sold them for a small profit. I didn't think there was anything wrong in doing this because lots of people buy items from one place and then sell them on eBay to make a little extra. Since selling the items the buyer has contacted his bank and said he didn't authorise the transaction. I have since checked the codes and they have all been used which means if the buyer gets his money back then I am out of pocket by £230! I have sent PayPal a screens hot of the eBay message I sent containing the codes and I have tried contacting the buyer to ask what's happening but had no reply. Surely there must be something I can do to avoid losing this money? I'm considering contacting the police if I do because I'm not going to let it go

Chargeback. Please help.


Hi MM02,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and sorry to hear about this.


As you've stated, when a buyer files a chargeback, this means that they have gone outside of PayPal's complaint process and asked their card issuer to refund their transaction. When this happens, PayPal provide evidence in order to dispute the chargeback and stop the reversal of the payment, however the final decision would be made by the credit card issuer.


It sounds like we may still be disputing the chargeback with the credit card issuer in this case. The entire process can take a long time, but we will contact you with any email updates regarding the case.


If you have any other questions in the meantime, you may want to contact Customer Support directly. You can find our contact details by clicking the 'Contact' option at the bottom of any page when logged in.


Thanks for your understanding


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