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Unable to issue a partial refund due to "technical issues"

Unable to issue a partial refund due to "technical issues"

I issued one partial refund last Friday with no problem, but then when I tried to issue a partial refund on a different transaction, I got this error message:


"We can't process any refund at this moment due to technical reasons. Please try again later."


I have tried to issue this refund at least a dozen times since last Friday (3 days). As suggested in an earlier post, I cleared cookies, etc., but that didn't solve anything. The virtual assistant was useless any suggestions?


Re: Unable to issue a partial refund due to

Yeah, well know they did away with partial refunds. I always refund money on shipping, if I can ship it cheaper then the qoute. I have been doing that since 1998. My guess is they feel they are loseing money, since they used to refund part of the fee for what I refunded. So now instead if the qoute from Ebay is higher then the actual cost, customers can just leave me poor feedback instead I guess. This is just one more reason why Ebay has been ruined. Then they had to go and buy out Paypal and ruin it also. I do all my shipping through paypal for my buissness, but that is going to end now to. I have had my fill of these people. MOST money hungry mongers I have ever seen. Since they got their fingers into Craigslist that will be ruined soon also.

Re: Unable to issue a partial refund due to

I was finally able to issue the refund and thankfully my buyer was understanding. No explanation or apology from PP, though.


The new 21 day payment hold policy makes it hard to do business with PayPal now. We've been selling on eBay without a problem for 11 years and resent being punished for others' poor business practices.

Re: Unable to issue a partial refund due to

I used to have over a thousand items on eBay. With all the changes that they have been doing I am down to about 25. As soon as my website is complete, I will be dropping them off of there also. I just am sick of greed from these people. They took a good thing and have totally ruined it.  Good Luck


Re: Unable to issue a partial refund due to

I needed to issue a partial refund to a buyer. When I went to the item in Paypal it would only allow a Full Refund-no Partial.

Contacted Paypal. C.S. rep advised that I use the "Send Money" option. Advised that buyer most likely used a Ebay gift certificate to pay, and because of that they would only issue full refunds.

I explained that my Ebay and Paypal fees were based on the higher amount, and the "Send Money" wouldn't allow for revision of the seller fees.

I also explained that if Ebay ever issued a refund under buyer protection they would use the original, higher amount.

Paypal agreed with all of my concerns, but has NO IDEA how to fix it.

I informed them that if the buyer uses a Ebay coupon than that's an issue between the buyer and Ebay, why is the seller getting dragged into it?

No answer for that one, either.

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Re: Unable to issue a partial refund due to

I am so sick of Buyers, just find any reason get a partial of refund or threat to return an istem and Paypal would not let us to do it.  I guess sellers have to be out of business soon.  So tired of it.