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I need my money in my bank now, how do i stop the pending status?


I need my money in my bank now, how do i stop the pending status?

"From now on, money you receive will be temporarily held in a pending balance"


I just transfer my money into my bank account and it is putting it on pending. I need it instantly and can't wait 21 days just for my money to be released into my bank. I need it for this Christmas now. Is there a way to get it release early? I know a lot of people dont like their money being on pending PayPal staff's, so please fix this. I need my money ASAP and cannot wait 21 days. Need my money immediately.


I read about the temporary held policy and my item was refunded right away on the same day after the trasaction so the item was never shipped.


It was said

The money may be available sooner if

1. We can confirm that the item was delivered

2. Your buyer leaves positive feedback. (Applies only to eBay items)

My item was not delivered it was refunded and it has nothing to do on eBay
So how sooooon will my money be available?? 


Thank you

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Re: I need my money in my bank now, how do i stop the pending status?

Refund not received from ebay or buyer. The case was taken care of fast...yet i don't see or receive a refund to my account? Please help. Thankyou and Happy Holidays!

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Re: I need my money in my bank now, how do i stop the pending status?

Hi kev_VQ35.


I am sorry your funds were not released to you already, especially since it sounds like you shipped the merchandise right away.  If you have shipped your merchandise and it has been 3 days since the buyer has received it and the funds still have not been released.. Please contact us directly so we can release the funds prior to the 21 days.I apologize for the inconvenience of having to contact us directly, but I also understand the importance of wanting your money right away especially around the holidays.


Hi rattlehog!


The refund you are referencing.. Was the original payment made with a credit card or a bank account.  if the original payment was made with a credit card, the credit would go directly back to that card.  If the original payment came from your bank account, then the funds would be added to your PayPal account balance and then you would have to manually withdrawal those funds back to your card.  Please keep in mind that if you receive a refund to your PayPal account, and then make a payment it will use those funds before using the funds from a financial source such as a bank account or credit card.