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Bill me Later refund ?


Bill me Later refund ?

I paid for an item on ebay with Bill me Later.   turns out the item was fraudulent, the seller was cooperative and agreed to refund full amount.   He has sent me notifications that the money was refunded through paypal .  He sent the refund a week ago to paypal.  I don't even have a "pending" refund notification on my paypal account.  I realize it takes some time to credit a credit card, and I'm assuming paypal will credit my Bill me Later account? 

I guess my question is.....  will paypal just credit my bill me later account ...?  and how long will it take for me to even see a "pending" refund on my paypal account??  terribly frustrating... (esp because it's $1350 !!!)


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Re: Bill me Later refund ?

Hi there, I am going through the same thing now, did you end up getting a credit to your billmelater account?  There is no traceable evidence on the payment or refund on Paypal... so weird, but I got an email stating the seller refunded me the money, but no history in Paypal and nothing has posted to my bml account.  I hope you got your refund, can you shed some light?  Thanks!