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Hola quisiera consultarles porque es la primera vez que utilizo PayPal, estoy en el medio de una venta al exterior y me ha llegado un mail de que tengo el dinero en la cuenta de PayPal pero hasta que no complete la transacción no se depositará en mi cuenta. La cuestión es que ese dinero no se visualiza en mi cuenta de PayPal, ni siquiera como no disponible. Este es el mail:

This funds has been deducted from the buyer's account, and its reflecting on our system PayPal® and can "NEVER be reversed" any way, but the money will only be credited to your account as soon as you send $300.00 USD to the shipping agent INFO so your account can be credited immediately with $820.00 USD. You will have to go to send the $300.00 USD through MONEYGRAM MONEY TRANSFER and send the payment receipt to us or write out the REFERENCE 8digit numbers on the receipt and the sender's name, so we can confirm your payment and credit one time.                                                                                      
        Please understand that the buyer and seller protection is implemented by another security measure to help protect the buyer and seller. Because some sellers will receive money from the buyer and no later complete the transaction as agreed and PayPal ® shall be shall be responsible for any amount involved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, payment has been confirmed and approved by PayPal®,  to "complete the transaction" for the payment to be credited to your account, please respond to this message with receipt  from MONEYGRAM, or write out the REFERENCE 8digit numbers so that we can have your account credited with a total amount of $820.00 USD.

Below is the following address of the pick-up agent INFO that is assigned by the shipping company to pick the Item in your location, send the money through MONEYGRAM MONEY TRANSFER to the pick-up agent's INFO below. (Datos de una persona en Texas)


                     1)      Go to a moneygram location in your city
                     2)      Collect a moneygram slip and fill the form with the pick-up agent's INFO
                     3)      Present the slip and the cash to the person at the counter
                     4)      Collect the payment receipt which consist of reference 8digit numbers
                     5)       Scan and send the receipt to us, or write out the reference 8digit number and sender's name.


Pero al no visualizar ningun dato en el resumen, ultimos movimientos de mi cuenta de PayPal ... me genera la inquietud de estafa.

Alguien que pueda asesorarme en esto? Muchas gracias!

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