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looking to sell on ebay.....

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looking to sell on ebay.....

I am looking to sell on ebay and receive payment through paypal.  I am recently unemployed and have two kids to think about this christmas.  I would be selling in order to pay for christmas items; but I am a little worried about what I am reading about the 21 day hold and the numerous people that are having issues in getting their money even after the 21 days have passed.  I need to know with out doubt that I will get the money when I need it; not after the holidays.


Re: looking to sell on ebay.....

I am looking for this answer as well- I will be selling an expensive item this week to use the Paypal payment strickly for purchasing my childrens Christmas gifts, and can't risk not receiving the money in time to order them! I personally had no idea that you had to wait an indefinate amount of time before receiving your payment. Please, someone advise if you know anything.


Re: looking to sell on ebay.....

I called Paypal and spoke to a specialist on the matter. He said that all new sellers(as I'm assuming you are too) MUST meet all of the following criteria before funds will be posted for use: Tracking number must be provided for item(s), delivery confirmation is a MUST for all items over 250.00, and buyer must leave positive feedback upon receipt of item(s). After all of the above, there is a 3 day waiting period, after which funds will be available for withdrawl/spending. The 21 day waiting period applies only if one of the above was not completed. So, basically you will just be taking a gamble on whether or not your buyer leaves prompt positive feedback provided you do everything on your end correctly. (They also say that if you don't receive your money within the correct time frame following their guidlines then just call them and get it sorted out). Good luck!


Zahlung ist nicht möglich

Guten Tag, 


ich versuche Geld an einen freund zu klappt allerdings nicht und mir wird nur folgende Fehlermeldung angezeigt: Wir können Ihre Zahlung zurzeit nicht senden. Falls dieses Problem wiederholt auftritt, wenden Sie sich an PayPal.


Keine weitere Begründung.

Für den kompletten Betrag reicht mein paypal guthaben nicht aus, allerdings würde ich den rest einfach vom bankkonto abbuchen lassen, dies ging bis jetzt immer.


Weiß jemand woran es liegen könnte? Danke 

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