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Shortly after listing Items on Craiglist I received responses from 'interested buyers".  

The 1st hint of FRAUD was the times of receipt being 1AM to 6AM. 

The 2nd tell was all the broken English and run-on sentances. 

The final indications of an attempted SCAM was the follow-up email containging some variation of a story indicating that the buyer could not call or come by in person, but wanted to purchase anyway.  All offered to pay additional fees above my asking price, and all requested personal information including my Paypal account.

One went so far as to claim; "i am a military presently on a mission,and due to secrets of this mission, phone calls,and visiting of website are restricted"

I also noticed that a of them were @gmail accounts, with some having odd names other than the email name attached

i.e. user name <internationalholdingscompany@..>

i.e. user name <d.differentname@...>


I would suggest that you make a rule in you email account to 'return undeliverabel' or better yet, forward any such mail to Internet Fraud devision of the FBI.

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I have just got the same thing from a person offering me 500.00 bucks and another 150.00 to send it to russia and they could not come and pick it up because they work on a cruise ship and t osend it to their boyfriend