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Receiving payment for car over $10000. How is it done and what protection do I have?

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Receiving payment for car over $10000. How is it done and what protection do I have?

I am selling my car and the potential buyer would like to use paypal in order to make it a safe transaction.  The amoount is over $10,000 which is the maximuum single transaction.  How can a person make a payment greater than $10,000, multiple transactions?

Also, i have reas conflicting information about seller protection for this type of transaction.  Ebay states that if I have a copy of the drivers licesnnse in advance and then have it checked and signed for when the car is picked up that is considered proof of delivery

"Be sure to get a copy of the buyers drivers license via FAX or picture by email (print the email). Have them sign it when they pick up the car. You will want to know it is the correct person picking up the car and should a Paypal chargeback be made by the buyer after they get the car HOME, you will be able to prove it was picked up. You should do this no matter what. If the vehicle is involved in any future incident, wreck, crime, whatever, you will need to prove it is not yours anymore. You are the owner of the vehicle untill the buyer processes the title into their name. Untill then, you are the owner of record with the government. Paypal will accept a FAX of the buyers license as proof of DELIVERY. You can't fake that."


On Paypal I have seen people say that unless the item is shipped then there is no protection since no proof of delivery..

Can anyone clear this up?  And can a payment for over $20000 be doone somehow?

Thank you

PayPal Employee

Re: Receiving payment for car over $10000. How is it done and what protection do I have?



Excellent questions!


I think part of the confusion and conflicting information is that we have information regarding proof of delivery from two separate sources - PayPal and eBay Motors.


If a car is sold on eBay, and the dispute is filed through eBay, that may be sufficient proof to show delivery within their processes.  However, as I'm not familiar with the eBay dispute process, the best source for that would still be eBay, so I'll have to leave it at that for now.


If you accept the payment through PayPal, however, and the buyer later files a dispute, claim, chargeback, or a bank reversal occurs through PayPal, PayPal's requirements would apply - which would be online tracking, with signature since it is over $250 USD. 


In PayPal, purchases for vehicles aren't covered under our Purchase Protection Program.  However, neither are sellers, even more so if more than one payment is received (sending more than one payment for an item invalidates protections for both parties).


However, on eBay, a buyer could potentially make a payment larger than $10,000 USD for a vehicle, using PayPal, so you might look into listing the item on eBay motors if you plan on accepting PayPal for the total payment.


For more information on PayPal's Seller Protection Policy, and selling safely online, visit our Security Center:


Hope this helps,



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