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Pending payment and shipping labels?


Pending payment and shipping labels?

I just sold something on ebay, and only had like $2 in my paypal account, and none in my bank account, and now I guess I'll have to dig up the money to go to the post office and do it there.

I have no money which is the reason I sold my well loved ipod in the first place.

I need this money to be available BEFORE I can ship the item so I can pay for the label.


When did they start this?  It has only been a month since I've sold something on ebay, and this has NEVER happened.


Once I get this money, I certainly will not be using paypal OR ebay ever again.   I'm tired of everything **bleep**ing changing everytime I turn around.


This new 'rule' is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life.

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Re: Pending payment and shipping labels?

I am in the same situation. I sold something on Ebay that weighs 60 pounds! The shipping charges are not cheap  The buyer has paid for the purchase, payment cleared!  Yet I must personally pay the shipping cost, out of my bank or put it on my credit card to ship it? I don't have $65 dollars laying around to pay for the shipping.  How am I supposed to get this package to the buyer?  I am completely outraged and disgusted with Paypal.  This policy is so totally out of line! I hope they lose every single one of their customers.  I will never use Paypal again!

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Re: Pending payment and shipping labels?

well actually everyone needs to start complaining to paypal or ebay it's ridiculous for them to hold your money regardless if your a new seller or not the reason people are selling is to make money not have it sit for 21 days. i've been an ebay and paypal account holder for 5 years and they are still holding over $300 that i've sold my rating is at 100% and i have never had any issues as a seller yet they are still holding my money. i'm thinking of canceling my paypal and ebay account until they change their stupid policy!