v2 REST API: paymentID not returned when redirect to website after payment approved


Hi there,
We're implementing a Laravel Paypal package (https://github.com/srmklive/laravel-paypal) and just came across an issue for our set up.
Or code relies on the paymentID being returned by Paypal but it seems this is not the case here.
When the payment is approved by the user on Paypal and the user is redirected to our website the return url includes the cart_id, the token and the PayerID
e.g.: https://testdomain.localhost/checkout/paypal/approved?cart_id=369&token=6AB26310792666643&PayerID=CZ...

is it possible to have the paymentID included in that URL?
we are currently relying on its availability to validate the payment and match it to the transaction.

Or since we are using v2 we need to take a different approach?


Thank you

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