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help with payouts on Mexico


help with payouts on Mexico

Hello, Im from Mexico, I have an application that need to send some payouts, the code was tested a couple of months ago and was working fine, but now that we are going into production, We keep having this message:


response-code: 403



message: You live in a country that is not allowed to send this payout


First I don't see this error listed on:


On Stackoverflow there was someone else with the same problem but their solution was to check that the sandbox accounts were on the same country and that the country were on the supported list, and Mexico is in that list (, so I don't understand if this was working just fine and nothing on the code has changed.


We are using  java sdk : 1.14.0



Thank you in advance


Re: help with payouts on Mexico

Hi Luis, maybe your problem is because PayPal in Mexico decided not to implement fintechs regulations removing the possibility of having a wallet.

I have the same problem and I want to know if PayPal has an alternative to send money to another PayPal account or directly to the bank account.


Re: help with payouts on Mexico

Yes, I think that is what is happening, so my question as developer is this: what options paypal offers me to fix this? I know that you still can transfer directly from bank account to bank account using paypal, I made a test, with my paypal application, and it works , so how do I implement this functionality on my aplication?, we don't want to be transfering one per one, this was automated.