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billing agreements + checkout api = PAYMENT_NOT_APPROVED_FOR_EXECUTION


billing agreements + checkout api = PAYMENT_NOT_APPROVED_FOR_EXECUTION


I trying to create a payment with biling agreement and checkout api.

I have 3 persons:

1. Account holder (me, who will get partner_fee)

2. merchant (payee who will get all of the payment except partner_fee)

3. client - payer

My ateps are:

1. I created token (/billing-agreements/agreement-tokens)

2. Payer has approved token with "approval_url" from response

3. Then i created billing agreement with token from first step (/billing-agreements/agreements/)

4. I created an order (/checkout/orders) with my account and merchant account:


5. then i trying to pay (/checkout/orders/XXX/pay) 

	"disbursement_mode ":"instant",

And i get error PAYMENT_NOT_APPROVED_FOR_EXECUTION. But biling agreement is approved.


  • Account that i use there is approved for marketplace
  • Merchant is linked to my account (with partner-referrals) and i can use it (i think, becouse if not there is another error occurs "PAYER_CANNOT_PAY_RECEIVER"

Is there some another parameters that i miss? Maybe should i metion merchant when creating billing agreement?