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Why aren't recent transactions showing in API?

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Is there a delay between when transactions become available in the API?


I'm trying to create a subscription processor that looks for specific transaction payments and then updates an account database.


So far, I'm able to access the API and read all transactions that are over 24 hours old, but the ones made under 24 hours don't show up. This is very frustrating, and makes Paypal's API must less useful for real work. I'd like to create a near real-time account update, but if I have to wait for 24 hours, that's not going to work.


Am I missing something here? Why is Paypal's website showing recent data, but their API is a day stale?


The API docs ( say "It takes a maximum of three hours for executed transactions to appear in the list transactions call", but it's been well over 3 hours and transactions still aren't appearing.

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