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Unable to create sandbox account (business or personal)

New Community Member

Unable to create sandbox account (business or personal)



I've just signed up for a developer account and am unable to create sandbox accounts, either business or personal.


When I go to the sandbox accounts page:
I occasionally see two accounts that have been auto-created, yet I am unable to view the profile of them which results in an error.


Trying to create an account of either type results in this error being displayed:
> Something went wrong. One or more sandbox accounts could not be created. Try again.

> If you wish to report this error please include the following error id: 65e1c360b7827

I've seen messages like this from searching the forums with replies relaying issues with account creation being a platform problem.

But checking the status pages suggests everything is ok today:

Hopefully someone can help with this as I'm blocked on development w/o having an account to create a REST API against.